Terramillem Capital is an early stage private venture capital fund focussed on both ICT-enabled services in the media & marketing space and in intangible assets & brands.  We work with passionate, capable entrepreneurs who are focused on creating value in their target market and building scalable businesses.

An experienced early stage investor we have built many companies from startup, often collaborating with successful entrepreneurs, and have a tremendous amount of operational experience, ranging from setting up a company, to operations and marketing.  We provide proactive advice, motivation and the medium term support often necessary to achieve return on investment in technology ventures.

Venture Capital for New Media Businesses

Terramillem Capital has recently funded young companies with risk and expansion capital, investing in media-oriented business models that employ digital technologies (internet, mobile, communication, broadband).  The emphasis of our current new media investments is on social networks, bridging net and mobile, and those that incorporate e-commerce, infotainment and viral marketing features.

Venture Capital for Brands and Intangible Assets

Terramillem Capital has also funded companies with expansion capital to re-launch, re-position and leverage their brands and other intangible assets.  We understand the value of a brand and the opportunities new markets and existing brand recognition channels confer.  We look at intellectual property ownership and protection, sector market analysis and most importantly the ability of management to execute their plan to monetise the intangible value of the brand. 

We are also able to provide legal expertise and experience and networks of retail and outsourced manufacturing that commute brands and other intangible assets to revenue streams.


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