Terramillem Capital employs a proven evaluation methodology that allows us to rapidly assess if an opportunity falls within our focus and look to provide clear feedback to ensure valuable time is not wasted if our mutual aspirations cannot be met. The process is typically as follows:

1. Establish a preliminary understanding of the business plan before face to face meetings take place.

2. Perform preliminary due diligence with a significant focus on available independent research which corroborates the business model and product/technology offering. We will also review the financial model in detail, and build a series of milestones with management to enable the progress of the company to be accurately monitored as it develops.

3. Once the business model has been validated we will proceed to a detailed negotiation to agree a valuation, the key terms and conditions for formal agreement. We will produce a Term Sheet at this stage.

4. Approval of our Investment Committee and final due diligence from a technical, legal and accounting perspective.

5. Face to face meetings, followed by formal execution of the agreement documents.


If you believe your business plan fits our approach please send it to proposals@terramillem.com.

Please note we do not discuss proposals in person until we have received the
information set out in the section "Submitting a plan".

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